Episode 137

Published on:

10th Apr 2023

Embracing Opportunities To Be Around Horses with Fran Severn

Experience the incredible connection between human and horse. Horses have the ability to sense and respond to human emotion, providing a unique form of therapeutic healing. But with so much to consider in terms of safety, is horse-riding for everyone?

Episode takeaways:

  1. Discover the power of following passions regardless of age and breaking free from age-related constraints.
  2. Uncover the healing potential in forming emotional bonds with horses through interaction.
  3. Learn to confront your fears head-on and seize new chances for personal development.
  4. Maintain your sense of adventure and fun.

My special guest is Fran Severn.

Fran Severn, a skilled freelance writer and broadcaster, has spent her life dedicated to her love for horses. With a degree in mass communications, Fran has worked in broadcast news, covering prestigious events such as the Kentucky Derby. Her passion for equine activities led her to discover dressage while living in England. Fran's writing has been featured in various publications, including USDF Connection, Newsday, and Western Horseman.

As a past president of the Eastern Shore Writers Association and former PR director for the Maryland Office of Tourism Development, Fran brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to any conversation about personal growth and embracing new opportunities.

Topics covered

  • the importance of finding a good instructor
  • determine what type of riding you want to do
  • adjusting to some of the physical challenges faced by older riders
  • developing a relationships with the horse, outside of riding
  • you can do whatever you want to do
  • Fran Severn's book, "Riders of a Certain Age."


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